Your adrenaline journey trough the relaxing nature.

Only a few kilometers away from the coast of Omiš, a small picturesque town, the river Cetina canyon offers a breathtaking scenery. Making its way through the mountains to the sea, the river Cetina formed cliffs, numerous waterfalls and rapids still being rich in flora and fauna.

The rafting itself, which starts at Slime, a village 20 km away from Omiš consists of three stages combining still water and rapids, perfect for those who seek for the mix of relaxation and adrenaline rush.

The first stage of your rafting journey is medium in water speed.

The second is longest and the most exciting part where you finally get to experience why people keep coming back to the river.

The third part of your journey gives you some time to relax, chill and enjoy all the beauties that nature of Cetina canyon can offer you.
Also, there are two places where we usually stop to have a rest for a while, where you can take marvelous photos or, if all this wasn’t enough, go for a cliff jumping and swim in a crystal clear river.

Your 3 hour and 10 km long ride downstream will end near the restaurant ”Radmanove mlinice” where our van will pick you up and take back to Split.

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